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«  In today’s world, the efficiency of a presentation depends as much on its substance as on its look & feel  »

Our Rationale

In today’s hyper-connected world, TO LOOK GOOD IS TO BE GOOD!


That's the primary test when audiences assess a presentation’s level of credibility and professionalism: design often matters more than substance – at least at first sight

Because management presentations still need to deliver the goods – i.e. the CONTENT: it has to help the audiences build up objective opinions and make decisions in full understanding of all resonant elements


Therefore, the efficiency of a presentation and the reach of its messages depend as much on its SUBSTANCE as on its LOOK & FEEL. However, working on both substance and design could take a lot of time – time you would rather spend on your core activities, like managing your team, prospecting new clients and growing your business

This is where NELUMBO, the Management Presentation Factory, comes in…

More Information ? Download our brochure (English and French versions available)

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