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Our Services

«  We Help Our Clients Deliver Top-End Management Presentations  »

We, at NELUMBO, provide fast, reliable and HIGH-QUALITY BACK-OFFICE SERVICES to our clients based on their specific context, needs and constraints: from slide harmonization and professionalization to the building-up of full-fledged management presentations, creation of impactful storylining, targeted research on content, training on presentation skills, …  our only purpose is to help our clients deliver top-end management presentations

Take care of what matters the most for your business, and let NELUMBO do the rest!

Document Creation

We take care of everything!

We deliver your presentations from A to Z – would it be management reports, townhall documents, lead & proposals, researches… – based on your needs and constraints, making them clear and to-the-point for your target audiences

Content Optimization

You started it, now it’s our turn!


We challenge and improve the content of your documents by helping you structure your ideas then build-up in close collaboration your storyline, getting rid of confusing or unnecessary elements and reinforcing the substance

Visual Harmonization

We thrive for maximal impact!


We ensure the coherence of your documents in terms of visual impact & content to optimize the reach and credibility of your messages towards the target audiences, making sure your work gets things moving the right way

Skills Enhancement

We help you grow your skills!


Would you need dedicated and customized training sessions for your teams and your collaborators, or just punctual coaching or guidance, we can help you drastically enhance your - and your company’s - presentation skills 

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